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Helen Hesketh

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Helen is a cat person. In fact she’s an any-kind-of-animal person. Some would even say she likes animals more than people. Every Friday, after her shift volunteering at the local animal shelter, there’s a distinct risk that she’ll bring yet another cat home with her. 


Helen spends most of her time in a permanent state of cryogenesis and can generally only be defrosted by a cup of tea or turning the heating up to the level of an industrial oven.


Helen is an organiser – whether you want organising or not, she will organise you. This works well for the business, as Helen’s role is to organise everyone and everything and never drop a ball. Her highly varied CV proves it. Before her career in accounting, she spent over a decade teaching primary school children (skills which have proved invaluable in the construction industry). In addition to her primary financial role, Helen also assists with sales and marketing, HR and business development. To say she is hard working is an understatement. She never stops. And when she does stop, she’ll head to the gym for a CrossFit session (she’s competitive too). 


A bit of a lunatic then? Possibly, but a lunatic with a big smile, a big heart and a ton of enthusiasm. Just what you need when the going gets tough.

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