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Our Home


Deakins Park has been the home to Hesketh Jones Construction since the beginning. Our office is situated down the little road, sandwiched between Ashworth House and Belmont House. As you go down, mind the humps!!

Deakins Mill, originally named Egerton Mill was built c.1826 and was a cotton spinning and dying mill. In 1830-1880 the mill was occupied by Edmund Ashworth and Sons.

In the days of Edmund Ashworth and Sons the spinning mill was one of the largest in the country, being 8 stories high and 20 windows long. Having read a little about the company they hold many of the values Hesketh Jones adhere to.

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C. 1826


Their product grew a following and became in great demand because of their attention to detail and they were noted for making the best and strongest thread. Like us, they strived to be the best and produce quality work.

They were also a kind company who acted with integrity which is in line with our company value #1 and #9. They cared for the welfare of their employees by supplying housing for

all and education for the children of their workforce. The part of the mill we occupy is called Ashworth House and we believe this to be named after Edmund Ashworth, founder of Edmund Ashworth and Sons and this makes us proud to be in the space of a great company.

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