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Dale Hesketh

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Dale is definitely someone you want on your side if you’re facing a challenge. Throughout his career (and life) he’s been driven to do more, do better and go further than anyone else around him. Which is probably why he took up skydiving, followed by technical scuba diving (‘technical’ means he goes deeper than any sane person would want to). 


It’s not that he actually has a death wish. It’s just that he can’t resist taking on challenges, and then smashing them. He wasn’t satisfied with working as a site manager but wanted to learn the commercial, scheduling and contract management side of the construction industry. The relentlessly high standards he brings to his own business were formed by his experiences working on exclusive, high end residential and commercial projects worth tens of millions of pounds. He applies the same high standards to himself, which is one reason why he spends his free time at the local CrossFit gym or practising Brazilian Jui-Jitsu – which is useful when invoices are due.  


Some might even say he’s a little obsessive-compulsive (his wife Helen, for one), but for Dale it’s just a matter of doing things the right way. So if you’re buying him a drink, he’d like a Belgian beer please. Not Dutch, or German, and definitely not American.

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